Online Ads: Get greater impact than a traditional print advertising campaign at a fraction of the cost.

Nothing quite has the impact of a full page, 4-color print ad in the right publications targeting your marketing. That was once a norm. Bit things have changed dramatically. With the skyrocketing cost and increasing fractionalization of trade magazine advertising, who can afford it was replaced with who is still reading it?
Is it just in print or are they online? Which gets more readers? What about social media like YouTube and Vimeo.


Enter UltraWebAds„¢ – – – our multimedia support tool and answer to the high cost of advertising.
Now you can have greater impact and selling power of a full-page print ad with the targeted cost-efficiency of an web banner ad campaign that spreads out in numerous channels.


More than a conventional landing page, our UltraWebAd„¢Â strategy combines the high impact of well-written advertising copy with the compelling layout of advertising design, all wrapped up in a multichannel web tool with a page and video designed to make viewers click through to your web site. We have multimedia case studies and examples if you€™d like to see what we do or discuss project specifics.

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